In our increasingly busy, stress-filled lives, it’s never been more important to reconnect with nature. Studies show that the benefits of connecting with nature are numerous – lower stress hormones, improved immune functioning and a positive mental outlook. According to National Geographic magazine, “Richard Louv, the author of The Nature Principle (2011), coined the term “nature-deficit disorder” to evoke a loss of communion with other living things. He claims, nature-deficit disorder affects “health, spiritual well-being, and many other areas, including people’s ability to feel ultimately alive.” Are you feeling a nature deficit? If so, you can get back to nature and enjoy all of those health benefits – feeling more relaxed, being calmer and happier right here in Branson.

 When you are in Branson you are surrounded by the beauty of nature everywhere you go. I moved here over ten years ago, and it really is like living in a park. All you have to do is step outside and take in the colors, shapes, textures and sounds of the naturally rich atmosphere all around you.

 Having land in Branson is a sure way you can immerse yourself in nature and reconnect on a daily basis. Have you dreamt about having horses or other farm animals, and maybe a vegetable garden while also being near the lake? That dream can easily become a reality here.

 Right now, raising chickens is a big trend. People with land are choosing chickens because they are fairly easy to keep and not only allow you to have fresh, great tasting eggs for breakfast but have many other benefits too. If you have a large parcel of land, you can easily have several chickens and other animals too — horses, goats, pigs, honeybees and even more.

 After you’ve gathered up your eggs, farm fresh vegetables and fed the horses, you can go fishing on Bull Shoals Lake or Lake Taneycomo. The fish are big and plentiful. In fact, Lake Taneycomo is widely known for being one of the best trout fishing spots in the country. Even if you aren’t a fisherman, just getting out there on the water listening to the sound of the rippling lake is the definition of peaceful. You can simply feel the stress leave your body and mind.

 If reconnecting with nature is one of your goals and dreams for the future, focus your attention here in Branson. Take a look at this property located on over 82 acres sitting right by Bull Shoals Lake and Lake Taneycomo. Your dreams of having farm animals while also being close to the lake can come true!